Tuesday, April 15, 2008

... one more thing

Forgot to mention in last night's post, my wife decided to have a period after all. No pregnancy this month. Bummer.

Wife goes in to see Dr. M. on Thursday to see if the medication is causing any cysts. If all is clear, the Doctor will renew her prescription for Femara, and likely send us on another 3 month tour (for the record, we have had two unsuccessful months with Femara thus far) She is going to ask him a bunch of questions, and hopefully get some reassurement - after all, patience wore out a few months ago, and we're getting low on hope. I'm wondering if I should have another SA conducted to see if my vitamin + reduced alcohol regimen has had a positive impact. Plus, the plastic cups they have over there are really hot.

I have a feeling this next month will be our month, assuming there are no cysts.

Good news over at "Faith In Fertility" - happy times in England.


J said...

I had cut back on alcohol, but it was never too high anyway. I think I heard somewhere that getting properly plastered once in a while was as bad or worse for 'the boys' than a regular tipple. I was also taking WellMan tablets, which are a bit of a cocktail, including folic acid etc. The other stuff I did was pretty average, boxer shorts, no hot baths etc, reduced coffee. I didn't go as far as Maybe Baby (I think that was who it was) who put his nuts on freezer blocks (or something like that)! Nasty.

Joe said...

Thanks for the info - see, I'm still drinking coffee based on the fact that our first Doctor said caffeine is actually good for sperm. Is this true? Does it really even make a difference?