Monday, June 16, 2008

IUI #1: Highlights

We conducted our first IUI on Saturday morning. Some highlights, if they can be described as such, follow (with much childish commentary):

  • There were several other guys in the office when we arrived, each clearly waiting his turn to utilize the porn collection and plastic cups (lots of tightly fitted baseball caps) My wife's keen perceptions picked up on one guy who had his own porn collection in a messenger bag

  • My wife also noticed that each guy took approximately the same amount of time to leave his specimen - perhaps a bit of fascination on her end with the whole concept of male self-pleasure?

  • Porn collection consisted of Hustler, Barely Legal and Playboy

  • Transfer was done by nurse, who showed us the milky, purple colored solution that would be injected into my wife's uterus via catheter (purple part was not from me ...)

  • Wife had slight cramping after transfer, but other than that, it was relatively uneventful

  • As my wife lay there for 20 minutes following the transfer, I rummaged through the drawers to show her the porn collection they offered - just after I tucked the magazines back into the drawer, the nurse returned to the room ... how funny it would have been if she had come back 5 seconds earlier to find me showing my wife porno magazines as if they were children's books ...

Other than that the weekend was filled with lots of unpacking and family time - enjoyed it immensely.

Here's hoping that at least some of the guys reading this can participate in Father's Day next year - the view from the sidelines is nice, but would be better to be in the game.


PJ said...

Our center is totally seperate from the "specimin collection" lab. I'm kinda glad! LOL!

Sometimes the cramping is just from the procedure, but sometimes it is from ovulation (especially, I think if they had you use FSH or Clomid).

Best of luck to you!

Heather said...

I hope this doesn't matter because you get pregnant this time - but we purchased my husband a portable DVD player (and headphones) and some quality porn. We also purchased pre seed which our office let him use to give samples for the IUIs. He just took his little bag in with him. It may have seemed funny to others but it made him feel better (as in other guys hadn't gotten something on his stuff) and it made it easier for him because the headphones blocked out the office noises and it was stuff that actually worked for him.

Like I said, hope you don't need to do this - but it is always an idea. If someone has to do lots of samples over time, it really does make sense to provide your own taste of porn.

Tracy said...

Just want to wish you both lots and lots of good luck this cycle...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The length of time to gather the specimen always fascinated me.

I'd worry if it was too long I'd be getting performance anxiety and if it went too fast I had some kind of plastic cup fetish. To this day I don't know what's better.

The very best of luck for this cycle.

Smoochie said...

Boy I'm glad you cleared up the "purple solution" stuff!