Monday, July 21, 2008

Infertility Jewelry

I purchased the middle pendant from the photograph at left for my wife, and gave it to her over the past weekend. It is a pomegranate, which symbolizes fertility (actually, the seeds within the pomegranate symbolize the fertility - the rest, I'm not sure, but I thought it was a cool piece)

Vanessa Amalia is the jeweler. She owns and operates a studio in New York City. Her web-site can be found at I e-mailed her to ask a question about the pendant and received a very quick, personalized response, almost immediately - very impressive. I e-mailed her again with a follow-up question and once again received a nice personal response in very short order. Even if I didn't like the piece, I would've ordered it anyway based on the excellent customer service.

My wife LOVED the necklace, and it was really inexpensive. It has a very nice heavy feel to it ... my wife already wants the bracelet and some other stuff from Vanessa's site - we even ordered a horseshoe pendant for my sister-in-law who is currently in the throes of a quarter-life crisis (somewhere in between college graduation and establishing her career / getting comfortable living by herself. She's single, so any of you ... er, wait ... it's unlikely that any of you 3 - 4 men reading this are single - nevermind)

A quote on the pomegranate:
The pomegranate is a magical and historical fruit, portrayed through ancient traditions as a symbol of luck. Its jeweled and abundant seeds promise generous futures, and represent love and marriage, fertility, prosperity, and life - in Greek tradition, pomegranates are often given as wedding gifts to ensure the couple a bountiful future together. The fruit is present in the Bible as well as throughout Greek mythology; Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was known for planting pomegranate trees wherever she went, while Persephone was forever bound to the underworld for eating the pomegranate given to her by Hades.
So guys - this is an easy, inexpensive "just because" gift ... I highly recommend you visit the site.


PJ said...

That's really sweet and thoughtful!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! I am going to A.) check out that site...I love jewelery.
B.) be back to read your blog from start to finish, as my husband and I are having trouble TTC, and I would LOVE to read the male perspective. He's not much of a talker when it comes to this. Its all so new.

Anonymous said...

I posted a few months ago in regard to Dr. S. My husband and I went to his clinic after my husband was diagnosed with low morphology (2 percent). We didn't do any treatments with him....we didn't feel comfortable, so we switched to U of M Ann Arbor Reproductive Center.
The doctors found he has sperm antibodies and of course, low morphology, and said IUI is basically a waste, so we moved onto IVF. Thanks to all the great doctors, I am almost 13 weeks pregnany with a singelton.
I am not sure who you are with now, but U of M is rated #1 in Michigan and pretty high overall I believe. Just don't lose hope, IT does happen!! It may seem like it never will, but sometimes all it takes is the right team to help you. Oh, and I did acupuncture....all that really matters (at least with IVF) is as close to pre and post transfer as possible...the other sessions may help but don't make as much of a difference as on the day you really need it!