Tuesday, September 2, 2008

IUI Round 4

Positive ovulation test this morning means a stack of porn and sterile cup in my future. Can't wait. IUI #4 is scheduled for tomorrow morning (I'm pretty sure it's number 4 ... could be off by one or two, but, does it really matter?) Same protocol as last month: Femara + IUI + Progesterone

Had a pleasant weekend - was happy to see a beer in the hand of the wife of one of my best friends (no pregnancy announcement, thank goodness) Listened to my sister complain about how hard it is to be pregnant while having a baby. It's understandable, but a bit difficult for my wife to hear as she would love to have such inconvenience in her life. This brings me to an interesting thought ...

To date, I have elected to keep this blog anonymous. The further we go down the road of struggling to get pregnant, however, the more people in our circle of family and friends are becoming aware of our issues. I have thought several times over the past week(s) that it might be interesting for them to read this blog so they would get a sense of what we're really going through. There's a lot that they still don't know ... but upon further review, I have chosen to keep it between you anonymous readers, my wife, and myself. None of my personal acquaintances (aside from a few of my wife's friends) know about this blog. If I were to make it known amongst my family and friends I would have to filter my remarks in consideration of the wide variety of readers who know my wife and I personally. The comment about my sister might get me in trouble, even though she's tough as nails, and is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone and everyone within earshot - she would probably be okay with it, but there are others that would be deeply offended, and would feel the need to comment on everything in defense of their side of the story. It calls into question the purpose of a blog like this - in my opinion, this blog is about getting our side of the story out, unfiltered, and unrefined - as I write, I don't want to worry about how anyone might react, or if feelings might be hurt. The target audience of this blog was, and continues to be people who are going through similar struggles with getting pregnant. I don't want it to become a blog to keep my family informed of where we are in our progress - there are better forums for things like that (such as phone calls, and oral communication ... imagine that) I don't think it's such a good idea to invite the family in - although reading this blog might invoke some sympathy from them, it would create an even larger amount of controversy that would only end up getting us in trouble.

And with that, I've just broken one of my rules: I've tried to strictly limit my posts to the topic of infertility, making a strong effort to avoid blogging about this blog, or blogging about not blogging enough, or blogging about lack of new topics to blog about ... and here I am blogging about why I don't like to blog about blogging. I feel so dirty.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

Good luck with the cup!

About the blog, if you know and are hapy with the reasons why you write it then I say stick with it.

I found, myself, that the reasons why I keep doing it have changed over time.

Only my wife knows about the blog, and only a very small handful of people know about our situation.
The time will come that more know, I hope, that if it came to it, they could read the blog and understand a bit more.

I don't think I have written anything hurtful, and if I have, it should be understandable, as the blog is, in fact a dairy of the events, as they happen.

Either way, good luck to you!

I Believe in Miracles said...

This post is awesome. I can totally echo almost all the sentiments about keeping the blog anonymous.

And you can change your rules anytime... Only husband knows about my blog, and right now isn't allowed to read it, to give me personal space. It's awesome.

Good luck with #4!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...I think its great getting the guys perspective.. Good luck! I hope 4th time be the charm.

PJ said...

Good luck with round 4 Joe!

robynanne said...

I hope you and the cup have a lovely time together. And that the IUI #4, or 5 or 3, works out positively for you!!

My family and friends all read my blog. It would maybe bug me more if I were not so much like your sister. I guess I just say what I think in the real world enough that, hey, deal with it on my blog too. Hehe.

Smoochie said...

Best of luck over the next few days.
On the notes about blogging-- as much as I believe letting your family and 'real' social circle read your blog will enlighten them, you are correct, it will only cause you damage in the end.
I've had my blog, enjoyed it at times, but started a seperate private blog about what I REALLY think because I got too much backlash, even from my significant other. Therefore my private blog is only for people like you, people who really don't care whether or not I say generalized statements about how breeders suck.
Best of luck to you.