Monday, September 22, 2008

Laproscopy Scheduled

I'm taking the day off work Wednesday to escort my wife to her laproscopy appointment. She met with Dr. M this morning, who described the procedure ... two small incisions will be made, just below the navel. They will go in with a camera and laser, blasting away all signs of endometriosis. While in there, the Doctor will biopsy the uterine lining to check for any abnormalities. The whole procedure will be video taped and will take 40 - 60 minutes. We will receive a copy of the video, to relive the memories every September 24th in future years (I'll be making popcorn) After the procedure the Doctor will describe the results to me while my wife spends an hour in recovery. We will then go home for an easy day of relaxation. There's a great sub shop by the hospital ... I really hope we're there near lunch time so we can make a quick stop.

My wife is completely freaked out. Since it is an abdominal surgery, they will put a breathing tube down her throat - she doesn't like the idea of that so much. I keep trying to tell her that she'll be anesthetized, and will not feel a thing ... but it does little to comfort her. My poor wife - such a trooper through all of this infertility BS. I hope she knows how much I appreciate everything she's done, and her patience through all of this. She is an amazing woman. It's not fair, what she has had to deal with ... but we're hoping that this will reveal another piece of the puzzle.

Wish us luck - oh, and I guess it goes without saying - her period started late last week. No pregnancy this month.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I commented last week about my lap. I wish you guys the best of luck. It is really not too bad. I felt extreme discomfort from the intubation, but it went away after the 2nd day. I was able to get by taking 3 advils every few hours, and advil p.m. to go to sleep. They found Stage 3 Endo, however, they did not do a lining check. I wish they had, as this Friday I will be having a D&C to rid myself of my "bad" lining. I would say that this is surreal. It is reassuring to hear a man's perspective, as my husband tends to be the silent type. I was never sure if he felt the same emotions/frustrations. Best of luck.

kb said...

I was crossing my fingers for a "positive" for you guys - sorry to hear of the arrival of Auntie F. Best of luck with the proceedure, I hope, too that it passes with a breeze. Ditto to the reply above, it's great to hear a husband "speak" about all this stuff. Thanks. IComLeavWe

Heather said...

Good luck on Wednesday. I hope it goes super smoothly and you do get some answers (and a sub).

Stace said...

Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you guys.