Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back Soreness

Why is that every physical malady seems to offer a glimmer of hope that pregnancy might be upon us, but we still scramble to find non-pregnancy related causes to justify the symptoms?
  • Sore nipples? - Must be from the new bra (... but, could be from implantation ...)

  • Overly hungry? - Must be from the trauma of an unbalanced work-life balance (... but, could be demand from another hungry cluster of cells inside her uterus, as asinine as that is ...)

  • No appetite? - See last bullet (... or, pre-morning sickness?)
My wife's back has been hurting her for the past several days. Naturally I've attributed this to implantation. What else could it be?

She had similar back pain a few months ago, and we have a feeling it's from the Progesterone. It's worse this time though. Nipple soreness? Yes - she has that too, and it's not from me getting all handsy (as my hands are 4,000+ miles away from her) Clearly, it's way too early to attribute any of these symptoms to pregnancy (as even if she were pregnant, implantation could only have occurred some time in the last 3-4 days) Still, something interesting to note. We have to remember this was a medicated cycle, and all of these symptoms can be attributed to said mediation.

So, it's more wait and see, but the back soreness is definitely from implantation (or, from moving the fall decoration bins from the basement)


Sweet Georgia said...

I know the 2 week wait is tough. Progesterone is high during that time and high progesterone causes all those things - sore nipples, upset stomach, cramps etc etc.

You can't really tell if it's a symptom or it's pms. Totally sucks!

Hope that the end of the 2WW brings a BFP!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'm not one to give you tips either way!

But the very best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hilarious posts - 'beaches of Normandy' - I'll tell my husband that, he'll laugh. Good luck with the IUI. We're doing an IVF cycle, and are in our 2WW (2 week wait). With IVF there's NO SEX allowed! Here I am all pumped up on sex hormones and no way to liberate myself. *sigh*

Abe said...

After having been through similar "is it or isn't it" thought processes - it just isn't healthy to be second guessing either way. Meds explain everything, other causes explaining everything and pregnancy explains everything... I know this doesn't help, but just wanted to say - don't let yourself get too hopefull