Friday, October 10, 2008

Only in dreams

Had a dream last night ... a little corny, but nice.

We were with my wife's family - all of her Italian cousins were huddled in a living room, gossiping (naturally) My wife was sort of laying on her side on the floor, and the topic of her trying to get pregnant came up. There were some questions from a few of her women cousins like "So .... do you have any news for us?" I was watching from the opposite side of the room, thinking "Come on ... do you have to ask that? - you know what the answer will be." Then, my wife responded, smiling "Well ... I don't know ... maybe ... " As the word "maybe" left her lips, I took on a puzzled expression ... got up, moved cautiously across the room, suppressing the unavoidable surge of hope as I awaited the rest of her response ... could it be? Why didn't she tell me? No, cant be ... she's playing.

As I got closer to her you could feel the tension rising in the brief pause before she exclaimed "I'm pregnant!" and the whole room erupted into cheer, me included. There was a big embrace, and every happy emotion possible all at once. I even think there was confetti and a marching band playing some sort of fight song.

Wow ... it was only a dream, but what a feeling.

If, and when ... if, and when.


kjames106 said...

What a dream!

No "ifs" about it. It is just "when" it happens. You will be filled with utter joy and peace.

BethH6703 said...

This hopeful cheerleader says SCREW "IF"!

(but, as a fellow IFer, totally understands your need for it......)

I've had similar dreams over the years, usually revolving around a big holiday announcement, like my Mom opening a gift from her grandchild to be. Funny that mine includes all of the italian cousins, too. lol.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

This actually makes me a bit sad, I know the feeling of waking up and that not being real.

In time.

Kelly D said...

I hope your dream will come true someday soon. My husband had MF too. We used IVF w/ ICSI. Right now I'm having a contest on my blog for a free Male Fertility Kit - it's worth $154. Might be worth your time to check it out.

Abe said...

I haven't had that dream, but after reading your post I kind of feel like I have now! I can picture it in my own situation - down to the expression on my wifes face - although I hope she'd tell me in private cause I know I'll be a mess when she does tell me!