Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Next round

This next round is going to be the one - here's why:
  • Because the endometriosis surgery was only recently completed - we have only one cycle completed since
  • Our only post-endo cycle was conservatively medicated, resulting in only one follicle
  • Progesterone deficiency was also recently detected (I think we have ~3 cycles of progesterone supplemented work behind us)
  • Our next cycle will be more heavily medicated, likely resulting in multiple follicles, thereby increasing our odds
  • My wife is young, and has very regular cycles
  • Our Dr. said my sperm is fine ...
  • I'm going to be home, and we're doing an IUI next week (shots start this Wednesday)
So, I'll check back in later to tell you that my wife is pregnant. Don't go anywhere.


Stace said...

I love how optimistic you guys are. Best of luck! I really hope this next round is your round!!! I'll check back.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

That really IS the way to face up to it.

You have so much going for you in the next few cycles.

Good Luck!

itsazooaroundhere said...

Good luck! I'm hoping this is the cycle for you guys!