Thursday, December 11, 2008

random thoughts

I don't care about Ricky Martin's twin sons. Anyone want to form a class action law suit for the "emotional distress" caused by this headline?

Cooper got some burs stuck in his fur last night, and decided to eat them. He was then dry heaving / coughing ... poor little guy ... such a small brain ... like father, like son.

We've decided not to talk to people who have ever had anything to do with pregnancy. That includes our parents.

This was a really nice comment:
I'm so sorry, I thought this was going to be it as well. You guys hold on tight to each other.

When my husband and I were trying and it wasn't happening, he told me that God would not put the desire in your heart to be a parent if he wasn't going to come through with it. I tried to remember that. Surely enough, His timing was perfect.

I know it's hard to find solace in the words of someone who is on the other side of the tracks now, but I pray that you have peace in your hearts and remember that God's promises are true. He would never lie.

Thanks for that kjames106


Xbox4NappyRash said...

That Ricky Martin story is a bit disturbing.

Again, sorry it's gone to shit again.

Best of luck next time around.

(the word verification is SOURv...apt? ;0) )

cricket said...

No words can really help you right now but I do want to say this:

It IS ok to be mad for a while.

Vent here all you want.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I have been reading your blog for the past few months and keeping you and your wife in my prayers.

I too have been on both sides of the fence. My husband has severe male factor and IVF #1 failed with the 1 perfect blast we transferred...I was devestated. But FET #1 a few months later worked and I am 32 wks pregnant with our son.

God has a plan for all of us and knows when the timing is right....and I know it will be soon for you guys! Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone that has a child, whether they have been on this side of the fence shouldn't comment. They don't know what it's like because they have a baby or are pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to offend anyone. Even though I am pregnant, I still know what it is like to go through a failed IVF that costs thousands of dollars and start back at square one. I think everyone that has struggled with infertility KNOWS what it is like to struggle to have a child and we should all support each other, not say who is allowed to comment and who isn't. If someone gets pregnant or has a child, they still STRUGGLE with IF, it's not like they can get pregnant on their own. They are looking at one or many other IUI's and IVF's AGAIN.