Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Next Stop: Oakwood

Just made our appointment for round two, with Dr. M. at Oakwood Hospital (technically, the clinic is called "Center for Reproductive Medicine Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center" - ironically, this is where I went for my first and second semen analysis ... when I left there last time I thought "At least I'll never see these people again!" ... how fate plays tricks on us)

Our appointment is scheduled for December 17th, so expect a report out on the 18th of what our second round will hold for us. I'm guessing it will involve shots in the leg, shots in the ass and more "doing it" with cups. Once again I'm reminded of my position in this whole thing - the receptionist made it clear that they would be "treating" my wife while I get to skate with little to no responsibility. My poor wife. She has been through so much in the past year. Our puppy hasn't made it much easier. While I'm out "consulting", getting home at 8 p.m. every night, she's dealing with all of Cooper's sharp teeth and pent up energy from spending the day in the bathroom playing with / eating his own turds. I appreciate her and everything she's going through more than she will ever know.

Oh, to top it all off, we just received an e-mail from one of my wife's cousins with subject "Coming June 2008 ..." Inside were four ultrasound photos of their baby, which is currently being assembled inside of his wife's womb. From what we know they didn't have to pay anything for this to happen, didn't have to take shots, didn't have to take the eggs out of her body and then put them back in again or anything. We're happy for them, obviously, but it's another reminder of our situation. Even better, this morning while I was filling my gas tank I saw this sign on the gas pump that read as follows:

Children's are God's most precious gift. Please choose life.

Um - we're trying, like $10,000 - $20,000 hard, to choose life.

So anyways, we're going to commence planning for round two in just under two weeks. Actually, we're feeling pretty optimistic about our chances in round two - we just heard about another girl who successfully conceived on her 4th round of IVF. I hope it doesn't take us that long, but I do HOPE ...

Finally, I was impressed with Dr. M's receptionist. She even went so far to ask for the customer service number from my insurance provider so she could ensure our consultation will be covered. Those little things go such a long ways towards easing the process. I told her how impressed I was with the fact that she asked a question that all medical receptionists should ask, and that I appreciated it very much.


Tracy said...

Glad to hear you're thinking positively about Oakwood. I hope things work out...

Looking forward to hearing updates.

nancy said...

Well, here's to round two with the old clinic!

It's good you appreciate everything your wife has to go through. So far, I've had to go through 3 HSGs, 3 HSSs, 3 surgeries (4th is next week), 2 inseminations, countless drugs and injections, countless hours spent in waiting and exam rooms, countless hours waiting for multiple types of results, countless invasions by the dildo cam and I'm sure I'm even missing major things. My husband has had to spank it into a cup, only ONE time dropping the freaking sample off himself. I can't tell you how wonderful it would be if he TOLD me he appreciated what I was doing to help US conceive. So be sure you TELL your wife what you are thinking, k?

Trace said...

The family members getting pregnant thing is REALLy hard. I wish you two luck, especially when you have holiday gatherings where you interact w/the pregnant relative.