Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stocking Stuffers

My wife can't figure out what to get me for Christmas, and I really can't give her any ideas since I already have everything I need or want. So, let's brainstorm ... and you IVF girls can probably use some of this for ideas for your husbands.

An ideally packed stocking, in my world, would contain:

-Kodiak (that's chewing tobacco for those of you not in the know)
-Scotch (Obon, or a $50 - $100 bottle of anything else)
-Cigars (I don't smoke them because of my asthma, but I wish
-Snickers (arguably the best candy bar in production)
-Gum (just to fill space, and to repair damage from Kodiak and Scotch)
-Rubik's cube? (I just got one of these, but have enjoyed it immensely ... I'm sure a lot of other guys would too)
-Nerf dart gun (to shoot dog with)
-Nerf basketball hoop (no wife would allow their husband to put one of these up in the house, but it would be cool if they did)
-Tickets to MSU basketball game (or alma mater of your choice)
-One free pass to drop husband and his brother off at the bar, and pick up at closing time without commenting on stupid comments or scent of husband and brother, while promising to laugh at jokes
-Nintendo Wii (these are impossible to find, and might make a tight fit in a stocking, but I want one ...)
-Nintendo DS Lite (all guys should have one of these as there are a ton of old school games available for it ... and if they're embarrassed to say it, shame on them)

That's all I can think of ... apologies to my wife for a lack of ideas, but I'm sure she'll come up with something good - she always does.

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Tracy said...

If I give him tickets to an MSU game, can I stipulate that he has to take me?

Had to laugh at both the bar idea (good one, BTW) and the Nerf gun to shoot dog.