Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on Study

Just talked to the nurse regarding the study we've been invited to participate in. She didn't provide a lot of details, but she said she believes the study will assess two new forms of Progesterone: One is a vaginal ring, and the other is a suppository. She said they looked through their files and my wife appeared to be a good fit for participation in the study, but some further screening would be required. She believed there would be a $4,000 discount on the cost (not too shabby ...)

Anyhow, we have an appointment to meet with the Doctor next Tuesday. I'll provide an update afterwards. We're now in a bit of a pickle: We still have more traditional testing to explore with our second Doctor (i.e. those tests that we bypassed prior to our first round of IVF ... see prior posts), but have this discounted IVF #2 opportunity to explore as well. Do we once again "pass go" and proceed directly to IVF? Or, do we forgo this opportunity in favor of getting to the bottom of what is really preventing our pregnancy?

We're going to explore further and see if we actually are candidates before we debate this too much - $4k is a significant savings that we would be foolish to walk away from without at least exploring it some more. We feel pretty fortunate for even being considered for this trial ... it's a good opportunity that we will not take for granted. Just want to be sure we're doing what's right for us.

Stay tuned ...

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Tracy said...

Good luck with your decision...sounds like a great opportunity. One of my friends is getting in on that trial, too.