Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in the USA

I'm back from my two weeks in Germany - I'll spare you the whole "sorry for not blogging" post that is all too common amongst infertility bloggers and get right to the point:

  • My wife is not pregnant this month

  • We are going into our 4th month of Femara assistance - it's now or IUI

  • Germany is a beautiful country - you should go

  • I like the Russians, and French people are actually pretty cool

  • We have a bid on our house - only need pass inspection and we'll be moving (likely into a rental home in Royal Oak)

  • I am tired and sick

  • Baby-making should commence in ~6 days

  • It's good to be home - I really missed my wife

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Brand New Mama said...

I just found your blog on accident, and wanted you to know that my husband and I can totally relate. We've been through it all - cycle after cycle - with a doctor that I am now told "left town for a reason." Please have hope. Take a look at my blog for our story...