Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Post

Great post over at Faith In Fertility - made me think of something I'm not sure I've shared on here yet ...

A few weeks ago I was walking Cooper to his favorite poop spot (one of our neighbor's front yards) and a neighbor and his wife were outside with their little dog (Louie). After Cooper said hello (consists of jumping around like an idiot, hacking and coughing at the end of his leash, peeing on the neighbors shoes and pant legs from sheer excitement) we began talking about our house being on the market - a natural starting point to any neighborly conversation. I was describing to them our reasons for wanting to move, which included being closer to my in-laws for the day when our family begins. This naturally lead to a brief description of the trials we've been experiencing on that front. At that point, the lady took my hand and began saying a series of prayers asking God to give us the patience to accept his plan, and to help us get the pregnancy we want so badly when it was our time. This had a huge impact on me ... it was so courageous of her to just dive in and do this without knowing that I was of a religious disposition. I walked back home with a smile on my face to tell my wife ... it was a very nice interaction, and I will not soon forget it. In fact, I think it will be one of those memories that sticks with me for the rest of my life.

I saw this same couple again yesterday and told them that we managed to sell our house - and I said it looks as if their prayers helped (only on a slightly different front than we would have ideally liked the help, but selling the house is a piece of the infertility puzzle, as described in previous posts) These are great people - we will miss living next to them, even if our exchanges were brief and limited. It's just good to know that people like this are out there, and even better that they are in the neighborhood.


Tracy said...

Congrats on selling your house!

I keep learning that everything happens in its due time, and we don't always understand that in our impatience for things to happen now.

I hope your time is coming soon.

Heather said...

Last summer I went to the post office to get a passport and I was wearing my necklace full of fertility symbols. The lady asked me what they were and I told her. When we were done, she took me out into the hall and put the sign of the cross on my forehead and they she hugged me and prayed over me. It still moves me to tears thinking about it.

YAY for selling the house! That is awesome!

J said...

Thanks for the mention. Hope the house move goes well.


PJ said...

Congrats for selling the house! It's a tough market.

That's pretty cool that she prayed for you, just on the spot! People just don't do things like that these days.