Thursday, August 21, 2008

The post where I correct misinformation from previous posts / comments

In case you have been following comments from the most recent post, I have to correct something. I've gotten the facts all wrong - my apologies ... here are the accurate figures, as certified by my wife:

  • August 4th: Positive ovulation test

  • August 5th: IUI

  • August 8th: Begin progesterone

  • August 18th: Expected period, but nothing

  • August 19th: Pregnancy test = Negative

So, as you can see, the negative pregnancy test came at least 14 days after ovulation (assuming ovulation was on time, as predicted by the kit)

I'm thinking the chances are slim, but we'll find out tomorrow. I'll post right away after finding out.

1 comment:

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Isn't something when you have to post this for all of us to keep us informed!

That seems much clearer actually, I would have expected a positive by 14 dpo, but not always from what I read.

You have a good handle on it, and well done for getting the progesterone doing it's job.

Either way, good luck still!