Thursday, August 21, 2008


Nothin ...



Xbox4NappyRash said...


Must be driving you guys nuts.

How many dpo are you now? test again?

Joe said...

Ah, xbox4nappyrash, my Dutch friend - your comments are appreciated. Thanks for your regular contributions - what does that name stand for anyway?

Wife had a positive ovulation test around August 11th, which puts us ~10 days past ovulation ...

Not to be a bummer/pessimist, but we've sort of resigned ourselves to the inevitable ... it's the progesterone causing the delay, not the embryo.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


10 dpo is VERY early for a positive.

But, if her period was due around now and hasn't turned up then thats a VERY good thing as 10-12 days is pretty much the minimum you want for a luteal phase.

So it IS good news if it's helping that.

Incidentally, I'm Irish, just living & working in Holland at the moment, and Xbox4NappyRash is a not very funny way of saying I would Swap my Xbox for Nappy Rash, Nappy being the English/Irish term for Diaper!

I wonder how many people wonder the same thing.

Jane G said...

Just found your blog via Xbox. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Going on any of my past experiences, the earliest I have ever gotten a BFP would have been at least 12 dpo. So hang in there, and best of luck.