Monday, February 25, 2008

Highlights from the Weekend

-Took Friday off work, helped clean the house and took some new photos to add to our listing, BUT, as mortgage criteria tighten, we're fighting a losing battle. Sucks that those of us who were responsible in taking on manageable levels of debt are being screwed by those who let their borrowing habits go uninhibited. We, the responsible, are footing the bill in the form of lost equity, and will bail the system out when we are able to reignite the housing market by bringing what equity we have left to the closing table.
-Wife started her period on Saturday morning. I fear that the post coital mucus sample contained all of the swimmers I was able to deposit. There's always next month ...
-Went to see "Mamma Mia" on Saturday night. Not a bad show ... but comparisons to Hairspray were all too frequent.
-Good friend's wife had her baby. She experienced intense gall bladder problems throughout her pregnancy, requiring morphine at one point. Carly is just under 4 lbs., and is doing fine.
-My wife's good teacher friend delivered her baby - Charlie is also doing fine. The mother is a nice girl, and her husband is a cool guy - we're happy for them.

That doesn't mean my wife isn't disappointed with our own situation. The current batch of baby "work in progress" is coming to an end ... I think there is only one or two pregnancies in the pipe amongst our social network. Looking forward to the end of it. Hopefully we'll learn more on Thursday - maybe we'll step into the "on deck" circle.

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