Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Updates, Boring Updates

Not much to report on:

-Our session with Dr. M for post coital follow-up is scheduled for next week
-Session with the Creigthon Model lady scheduled for March 22nd - should give us plenty of time to read this book, and to assess whether or not $500 will buy us any incremental help
-Cooper's teeth are falling out, there is blood everywhere and his breath smells like a cross between a butcher shop and rotting fish. He has taken to playing with one of my wife's old bras. Not very masculine - thinking of giving him an old oil filter to play with instead


Tracy said...

Our Gus had a preoccupation with my undies and socks when he was a puppy. He ate several of my more delicate pairs, actually. Scott took it a little personally. :)

nancy said...
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nancy said...

I'm confused. How is this method different from the method in "taking charge of your fertility" and the charting on www.fertilityfriend.com

You can see all my charts for 2 years: www.fertilityfriend.com/home/nleisher

They have a nice "course" you can take and explains how to chart. I don't understand what this other course is charging for? Maybe I just didn't read far enough. Maybe they teach something more? Not sure - I've charted forever. And I do agree everyone should chart - it does show potential issues. I've diagnosed an ovulation problem I was having and I can pinpoint a mariad of other issues by looking at other's charts. I'm just wondering why you'd have to take a $500 class?