Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

My wife went in for her post coital test yesteday morning - turns out there were a lot of sperm still swimming around in her cervical mucus some 7 hours after intercourse. According to the nurse, this is a very good thing. They actually let my wife look through the microscope to see the little guys, and she said there were a ton of them. She made several comments on how cool it was to look at sperm under a microscope - one of those priveleges available only to the fertility challenged.

Apparently my wife's cervical mucus has a higher-than-normal pH level, meaning it is a bit on the acidic side, making for a slightly inhospitable environment for swimming if you're a sperm. On a positive note, to have so many active sperm 7 hours after intercourse indicates that there is a chance (however small) of achieving pregnancy via normal methods. The nurse told my wife we may be ideal candidates for IUI, but that our Doctor would provide more details. We have an appointment with him on Feb. 28th - more details to come at that time.

The only advice the nurse offered my wife was to have sex morning and night around the time of her ovulation - not a bad deal at all.


Annie said...

That is great news and hopefully means you'll have success sooner rather than later.

Good follies & lots of happy swimming sperm (despite slightly hostile conditions) sounds perfect.

Now they just need to find the egg and work their magic.

Charne Trollip said...

keeping everything crossed that they really strong swimmers and they find that egg!

good luck

Duck said...

There are also natural ways to change the ph of your body, or to try to modify it by not eating acidic foods (tomatos/citrus/dairy).