Friday, March 7, 2008

Armchair Fertility Experts

This is one that you've all heard so frequently that it is almost a waste of effort to type it ... I've nothing else to discuss though, so here comes a BORING POST.

How many people have told us that we'll get pregnant as soon as we throw in the towel and stop worrying about it? Let's count:

-My former mentor, in my old job - his sister had infertility issues, and she gave up hope after 2 years of trying, opting to start her own business instead, only to find out she was pregnant a few weeks after incorporating.
-My current mentor's sister tried for 2 years when she opted to proceed with adoption. She had just been approved to get her adopted children when she discovered she was pregnant.
-My co-worker and his wife decided to move to Michigan, from Chicago after two years of unsuccessful efforts to pursue new careers since family life wasn't in the cards for them. They were welcomed to Ann Arbor with a positive pregnancy test.
-My brother-in-law's parents tried for six years to get pregnant with their oldest son, who is one of my best friends. Needless to say, they had given up hope before becoming pregnant.

There are many more, but I'm bored writing about it. If you're still reading, I admire your masochism determination. We've heard that in order to become pregnant you must give up hope, not worry about it, go on a vacation, relax, think about something else, etc. So, if you're still reading, maybe you're still a little TOO determined ... or maybe this post has managed to bore you to the point that you've given up all hope ... in which case, you can expect to get pregnant any day now. If not I urge you to read this post repeatedly until you have abandoned all reason for wanting to live (shouldn't take long), at which point you will instantly become pregnant.

You're welcome. Have a good weekend.


JJ said...

"relax" and have a good weekend=)
All so true...

Anonymous said...

hilarious. thanks! i needed that.

Heather said...

My mother kept telling me to go on vacation. I went on a cruise. It didn't help. I was still actively and obsessively pursuing treatments when it happened for us. Tell them to suck a lemon.

Jen said...

totally drives me nuts too, i've been hearing the same crap for 2 years... here's the funny part: we decided to adopt, took a vacation and TODAY i find out we're pregnant. and i hate that everyone is going to say SEE? WE TOLD YOU SO! .... but they did. and they were right.
jen @

Duck said...

my favourite, is hte why don't you adopt - people always get pg when they start the adoption process, as if adoption is going to "cure my disease"

Shawn said...

Awesome post!!! Once someone hears our story they all respond the same way, and it's usually with one of those stories. Too funny!