Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Talked to the billing lady at IVF Michigan today. She is a very nice lady who I was very rude to last time we talked. I offered her my apologies for being a prick, and asked to have all of our outstanding bills sent to us. She informed me that they had dropped ~$350 of the charges - how cool?!?

Isn't is sick that it's a bonus for us to not have to pay $350 for something that resulted in nothing but frustration, confusion and most importantly, no baby?

Moving on to more positive times. A period, or pregnancy is in the near future. Not exactly sure where my wife is at in her cycle, but she shouldn't be too far from the end.


Anonymous said...

Your wife must be very crabby and she must be really getting on your nerves.

PJ said...

Good luck with you guys!