Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Boy or girl: If you are fighting infertility issues, you are not allowed to have a preference - you just want a BABY. But, I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and write about it anyway.

I want a little girl. I want a boy too, but if I had to choose only one, I'd pick a girl, for completely selfish reasons. Girls tend to be closer to their parents and they tend to stay that way ... and they are just plain sweet. They can also be incredibly irrational, emotional and volatile - but in general, are more in touch with their feelings and emotions than boys (in my opinion). Our daughter would be like a miniature version of my wife, who has excellent qualities, is a beautiful woman and would be a wonderful mother. To watch our little daughter grow up being molded by my wife would be an honor, and I would expect, incredibly fulfilling. I want our daughter and her mother to have a relationship like the one my wife has with her mother. They are incredibly close, calling each other 3 or more times a day to talk about American Idol, or Dancing With The Stars, or the latest crisis in the family (sister-in-law's about to get canned from her job ... bummer). We are trying to sell our house in the worst housing market in history so that my wife can be closer to her mom. I do not resent this at all, as I really like my in-laws, and I admire the relationship my wife has with her mom, and hope to always see it remain strong and healthy.

We were in church this past weekend and the couple in front of us had the cutest little girl - probably about 5 years old (my wife will correct me on this one) with curly brown hair. She spent most of the mass coloring, minding her own business while her little brother tried to interfere, carrying on and growling at each of her rejections. Near the end of the mass she ran to her father who picked her up, she placed her chin on his shoulder, then kissed him on the cheek as my wife and I looked on thinking "We want that ..." It was easy to tell that this family appreciated their children, that they cared for them, and enjoyed the process of parenting. It's nice to see a family like that, and makes our drive for parenthood even stronger.

My wife and I like the name "Annie" for a girl ... always have. We're hoping that one of my little sperm (surrounded by his/her handicapped brethren) is en route to becoming our little girl as we speak - either way, we're really looking forward to her getting here.


Tracy said...

I hope for that for you, too.

But you were taking a big risk, in my current irrational state of mind, to publicly call me out on your blog, my friend.


Tracy said...

Are you kidding? Please see the newest post.

---> :) A full on smiley face.

Anonymous said...

I hope your wish for a little girl comes true, too.

Joe said...

@Tracy: Phew! That was a close one ...

Charne Trollip said...

Well my hubby and I are also battling infertility, and whether it be a boy or girl we would be over the moon, but if we have to be honest here, we both would love a little girl first.... for the same reason you mentioned, girls definalty seem closer to their parents.

Wishing you all the luck for your little girl to come soon :)