Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are we hippies?

My wife is going to a new acupuncturist in parallel to our upcoming round of IVF. Our Doctor said he is a proponent of such alternative treatments, but does not enforce it. We figure if it can help, why not? The incremental cost is negligible in comparison to the IVF fees, and my wife derives a sense of calm from the experience (something that she desperately needs)

My wife was referred to a different acupuncturist than the one she saw during our IUIs - her first appointment was yesterday. She enjoyed it.

The acupuncturist recommended a number of organic supplements for my wife, including wheat grass juice, blue green algae, lots of green vegetables, and others. I used to drink wheat grass juice in my early twenties, when I was working out a lot, and had a wildly polarized health regimen (wheat grass juice and workout in the morning, beer and chewing tobacco at night) Those were the days. It's good stuff, and the health benefits seem to be overwhelming (there are skeptics, however)

Any of you drink wheat grass juice? Any of you grow your own? It's expensive at $2.25 per 1 oz. shot - I'm wondering if we should just grow the stuff at home, and get a juicer ... sort of a voodoo / witchraft thing to do, but if it helps ...



Heather said...

This may not be blogger pc - but another blogger I read did/does juice her own ( Maybe she can answer your questions about cost?

share the experience said...

I'm curious to see what you figure out with the wheat grass. My acupuncturist did not recommend it to me but I do know that their recommendations on diet/supplements/herbs depend on the specific diagnosis.

I am thrilled to see another person out there supplementing "Traditional" medicine with alternative therapies!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about wheat grass....but if it helps I did acupuncture pre and post transfer and became pregnant our first FET cycle (we have severe male factor.)The recommendation is to have the acupuncturist there before and after transfer, or drive as little as possible to them after the transfer. For some reason this significantly increases success rates, more even then having acupuncture throughout. Like I said, I am no expert, but it worked for us!

I would just check about any supplements with the IVF doctors...mine did not want me taking ANY.

Best of luck!

Joe said...

Our acupuncturist IS coming to the clinic the day of our transfer to stick needles into my wife, so we're good there. Thanks for the comment.

The acupuncturist also showed my wife some sort of "exercise" she can do where she pushes on her lower belly "down there" to get the blood flowing - I volunteered to help, but have yet to be taken up on my offer.

orodemniades said...

Wheat grass = ew imho.

Plenty of fresh veggies, fruit, meat (preferably hormone/antibiotic free), and dairy certainly can't hurt!

Crysbena said...

I'm trying wheatgrass this cycle. It's supposed to help with blood stagnation. I hope it works for the both of us!