Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday tidbits

  • We began Ganirellix this morning - the shots come prepackaged, in nice pre-loaded glass syringes. All you have to do is pop the top off, inject in the leg, squeeze and remove ---- or so I thought --- I completely forgot to remove the small pocket of air from the syringe before injecting my wife - I've become a cocky injector - shame on me. A small amount of fluid trickled out of the injection site after removing the needle, and I believe a small bubble of air made its way in ... I hope this is not too severe an issue (mostly the bubble of air, but also the leaking medication) - we're not too worried

  • My wife is getting a bit, how shall we say ... crazy animated? The medications are definitely taking their toll - this morning I attempted to do a P90X video (yes, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and trying the program, only to fall off the wagon in week two just like everyone else who tries it --- try doing a search for P90X blogs - you will find a ton of them that are about two to three weeks long) - anyways, I used my wife's laptop to play the workout video - afterward, all of her desktop icons were moved (from the DVD software I think) - she wasn't happy about it. I think she thinks I spent my morning messing up her computer ... definitely the medication ...

  • I start a new, short, intense 3-week project at work that requires visits to some engineering centers in Ohio and Europe - of course the opportune time to do these visits falls dead nuts in the middle of next week - which you all know is when our IVF procedure is scheduled to go down (UPDATE: Based on yesterday's ultrasound, they're predicting our retrieval will take place next Thursday or Friday) So, I've been "on the bench" since mid-December 2008, and now, the one day I actually have to be here, I am needed in faraway places - figures it would work out like that

  • We have another ultrasound tomorrow - we're hoping they will see enough evidence to firm up the certainty of their follicle harvest forecast

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