Tuesday, February 17, 2009

By the numbers

I'm posting actual hard data. Here's the results of my latest semen analysis:

  • Volume: 2.8 mL (should be > 2.0 mL)

  • Concentration: 161 million/mL (should be > 20 million/mL)

  • Total Motility: 45% (should be > 50%)

  • Progressive Motility: 23%

  • Total Progressive Motile Sperm: 104 million

  • Normal Morphology (WHO): NA (should be > 30%)

  • Pre-IVF Kruger Strict Morphology: 8% (ICSI recommended if < 6%)

  • Round Cells/mL: < 5 million / mL (should be < 5 million/mL)

  • pH: 7.2 (should be > 7.2)

  • Viscosity: Slight increased viscosity

  • Liquefaction: < 50 minutes (should be < 60 minutes)

  • Aggregation: Absent (should be absent to slight)

  • Agglutination: Absent (should be absent)

  • WBC: < 1.0 million/mL (should be < 1.0 million/mL)

  • Impression: Abnormal - Normal sperm concentration, mild decrease in total sperm motility, normal progressive sperm motility and normal morphology by strict criteria at 8% which is an improvement into normal rage compared to previous semen analysis at outside laboratory.

  • Recommendations: Assisted Reproductive Technologies: I recommend ICSI with IVF therapy due to mild decrease in sperm morphology.

So, as you can see my problem has shifted from morphology to motility. Weird eh? Either way, it's all moot given the diagnosis from our Doctor - and the numbers look good for ICSI, particularly the improvement in morphology.

My wife's ultrasound was uneventful - her follicles are still too small to count. She goes back in on Thursday. Will post an update then - hopefully we'll have a follicle estimate, and a verdict on our meds (i.e. to modify dose, and/or to begin Ganirellix)

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Xbox4NappyRash said...

They are pretty good figures, motility slightly below the ideal mark, but you have such a high count that your NUMBER of motile sperm, as opposed to percentage is really high.

The numbers are what count, not the percentage, they are guidelines.

best of luck