Friday, February 13, 2009

Beginning meds

We start our shots tonight (let me rephrase: I start jabbing my wife with needles containing follicle-stimulating hormones tonight)

It's like climbing the first hill of a roller coaster ... scared shitless, but excited at the same time - either way, it's too late to get out of the car ... we're committed.

In just under two weeks, with luck, we'll have embryos.

Will post detailed med schedule over the weekend (as promised in an earlier post)

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SAH_mommy2three said...

Yeah! This is the cycle for you!!

I'm SE Michigan too... I'd love your thoughts on the RE's around here. I'm actually driving out to Grand Rapids for my first consult with a doc out there... But it sure is a heck of drive! I haven't heard good things from the people I know about the RE's around here... I'd love for someone to talk me out of driving across the state!